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Creating Your Own Definition of Success: Success Filters for Online Entrepreneurs

“Successful without Success-FEEL is no success at all.” Michael Bauman

On the outside, you may appear successful. You have everything you ever wanted: the big house, fancy car, you are earning a lot of money, what more could you want?

Tony Robbins says…

"The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions…if you have a billion dollars, but every day, the quality of your emotions is feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed, the quality of your life is frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed. Your mental and emotional state is the most critical factor to not only success but also fulfillment. If you learn how to control your emotions and mind, you learn how to control the quality of your life."

So, how do we learn to control our emotions and our minds?

Today, I will give you five questions you can use as Success Filters to tell whether you are actually creating the success-feel life you want to live.

5 Success Filters

Use these questions as filters for every area of our PERFECT Success Framework (Physical, Emotional, Relational, Financial, Existential, Conscious, and Thoughts)

  1. FREEDOM - What would FREEDOM feel like in regard to…[my emotions?]

  2. PEACE - How can I be content and at PEACE with… [my finances]

  3. JOY - What brings me JOY, lights me up, and I lose track of time?

  4. LOVE - How can I LOVE … [my body?]

  5. CREATIVITY - How can I be more CREATIVE and add more variety into … [my relationships?]

These may seem cliche, but let me give you an example of how we can use these as powerful filters for our success.

Let’s start with our business and finances (because it is the one we most often use as a proxy for success).

  • What would freedom feel like in regard to my business? Or how can I use my business to create more freedom in my life? How would I know when I have gotten there?

  • How can I be content and at peace with my wealth and money? (in other words, how much is enough?)

  • What do I love about my business and my role, and how can I do more of that?

  • How can I use my business to bring myself (and others) joy?

  • How can I be more creative with how I solve problems in my business?

You can see how asking different questions allows you to go beneath the surface of appearance and helps you realize that the underlying reason why you are driving toward something (business growth, profit, accumulation of wealth, for instance) is that you are actually trying to use it to FEEL a certain way.

Once you realize this, it changes everything!

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