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There are 10 Daily Habits of Ridiculously Happy People. Do you want to know what they are?

(shh...I learned this from talking with a co-editor of the World Happiness Report...)

Yesterday I shared the 6 Factors contributing to 75% of the difference in life evaluations and happiness worldwide.

To review those factors are:

6 Factors that Determine 75% of Worldwide Happiness Levels

  1. Income per capita

  2. Healthy Life Expectancy

  3. Social Connections - someone to trust in times of trouble

  4. Corruption - level of trust in companies and government

  5. Freedom - a sense of being able to create the life you want

  6. Generosity - giving to charity and volunteering

These 6 factors make up most of the difference in how countries rank on happiness levels.

But what about our daily lives?

How can we be happier in the mundane and the routine?

Today I wanted to share the 10 daily habits and mindsets of ridiculously happy people that I learned from Lord Richard Layard, another co-editor of the World Happiness Report.

He also co-founded Action for Happiness.

"We found something which amazed even me, that the increase in a person's happiness, two months after taking the [Action for Happiness] course, as compared with the control group, was as big as the increase in happiness, which somebody has when they move from unemployment into work or when they find a partner that they want to share their life with!" Lord Richard Layard

Do you want to know the 10 keys that, if you apply them consistently, would produce a similar increase in happiness as finding your life partner or going from unemployed to landing a job?

10 Keys to Happiness (5 Daily Habits, 5 Mindsets)

5 Daily Habits
  1. Giving

  2. Relating to others

  3. Exercising

  4. Becoming more aware and appreciative

  5. Trying out new things every day

5 Fundamental Mindsets
  1. Having a direction

  2. Resilience

  3. Positive Emotion

  4. Acceptance - of self, others, situations,

  5. Meaning

This is not rocket science.

This is happiness science.

But the real question is, which ones of these can you do more of today to increase your happiness?

Which habit would you want to focus on a little more?

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