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The PERFECT Success Blueprint for Entrepreneurs: 7-Part Framework to Engineer Success

Updated: May 15, 2023

I will teach you in 7 Parts Success Blueprint for Entrepreneurs to define PERFECT SUCCESS in your life.

“Success is living your life in the process of creating and realizing what’s most important to you, not what’s most important to anyone else.” Robin Sharma

If you actually work through these steps, I guarantee you will think differently about your life.

You will define success differently.

Let's get started...


This is why people can achieve so much and not feel like a success!

They don't realize there are actually six different areas of life they need to define success (with a 7th one as a filter for all of them).


P - Physical
E - Emotional
R - Relational
F - Financial- (Career/Business)
E - Existential (Spiritual/Meaning)
C - Conscious (Filter for ALL of them)
T - Thinking - (Thoughts/Mental)

Let's break them down. (We will go into more detail later, but this is how I recommend starting...)

2 PERFECT Success Questions

What do I really want?
Why do I really want it?

These are simple questions.

But they are VERY powerful.

Only some people actually take the time to ask them once, let alone continuously.


P - Physical
  1. What do I really want in relation to my health, physical body, and fitness?

  2. Why do I really want that?

E - Emotional
  1. What do I really want in relation to my emotions and how I want to feel on a daily basis?

  2. Why do I really want that?

R - Relational (bi-directional)
  1. What do I really want in my relationships? As a spouse or a partner? As a parent? As a leader? As a friend? As a part of a family?

  2. Why do I really want that?

  3. These questions are bi-directional. I encourage you to ask the people you are in a relationship with what they are looking for from the relationship and why that is also important to them. (Simple, yet powerful)

F - Financial- (Career/Business)
  1. What do I really want in relation to my finances, my career, and my business?

  2. Why do I really want X amount of money? To grow my business by Y%? To get promoted?

E - Existential (Spiritual/Meaning)
  1. What do I really want out of life? What brings meaning and fulfillment to my life? What contribution and impact do I want to leave on the world?

  2. Why do I want that?

  3. Bonus: Is what I am currently doing actually bringing meaning to my life? If not, why not? What could I change to experience more meaning and fulfillment?

C - Conscious (Filter for ALL of them)
  1. This is very important as it serves as a filter for all the other areas.

  2. This asks how I can intentionally and consciously choose what I want in life, in every moment and every interaction.

  3. How can I be more aware of what is happening inside and around me and how I respond to it?

  4. Can I be more present with myself and everyone I meet and interact with?

  5. Use this category as a focusing reset to your intention and your why in every area of life.

T - Thinking - (Thoughts/Mental)
  1. What do I really want in relation to mental clarity? Focus? Productivity? Learning? Mental models and frameworks?

  2. Why do I really want that?

This is how to define PERFECT Success in your life!

I would encourage you to sit down, take 30-60 minutes to actually work through it, and write down your answers to each question.

What do you really want, and why do you really want it?

But this is just the beginning.

We will be going deeper to uncover the 4 layers of Success and why most people are missing 3 of these layers!

What was your biggest takeaway from this?

What area do you know you need to work on the most to bring the most improvement to your life? 👇

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