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What is the meaning of life? Well, that depends...

What is the meaning of life?

Why are we here on the earth?

At some point, all of us ask this question.

What brings us meaning in life?

"Life always offers us a possibility for the fulfillment of meaning; therefore, there is always the option that it has a meaning. One could also say that our human existence can be made meaningful “to the very last breath”; as long as we have breath and are still conscious, we are each responsible for answering life’s questions." Victor Frankl

Pew Research Center posed an open-ended question about the meaning of life to nearly 19,000 adults across 17 advanced economies.

Here is what they found...

Meaning of Life Top Results Family Occupation Health

Top Sources of Meaning

  1. Family

  2. Occupation

  3. Health

Though these varied in percentage by country, as a whole, these were the top three responses for what gives us meaning in life.

What gives you meaning in life?


Take an objective look at your life through the criteria of where you spend your time and money (lie detectors for what we really value) and honestly evaluate if your time and money are being invested in the areas that truly give you meaning in life.

(This is why I want to focus on providing valuable information to help you improve these three areas)

Comment below on what brings you meaning in life and how you make it a priority.

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