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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur in all areas of life utilizing cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychology, and physiology.

Would you like insights, frameworks, and mental models from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, elite special force operators, and more? 

Every week I send out actionable emails summarizing the top mental models, first principles, and skill acquisition frameworks used by elite performers to help you engineer success in every area of your life!


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Hello! I'm Michael Bauman.


I coach entrepreneurs and expats with families to engineer success in their health, relationships, mindset, and emotions.


Host of Success Engineering Podcast.

I interview multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, and best-selling authors to uncover how they define and engineer their success, along with the fears, doubts, loneliness, limiting beliefs, and obstacles they overcame along the way.


Contributing author to #1 International Amazon Best-seller Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Entrepreneurs

TEDx Speaker

Senior Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine 

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